Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Global Collaboration Projects Using Internet Tools in the Classroom

As discussed in the pervious blog, global collaboration is a wonderful way to integrate technology in the classroom as well as help students work with other students from around the world. Through doing this, students can learn to work with students from other cultures and countries as well as learn about the differences and similiarities they share. One way to enhance global collaboration is to do so through a project and even through integrating one of the many tools that they internet now has to offer.

One project that I feel would be valuable in a regular education classroom in the United States would be to communicate with a classroom in another country, such as in China. A valuable project would be to learn the Chinese language or at least some common phrases. This could be done through connecting with a classroom in China (possibly older as high school students in China do speak English) on Epals and through using the Internet tools of Skype and WiziQ.

The Set up: After finding a classroom to connect with, the teacher could have students view an introductory lesson on the Chinese language on WiziQ, which is an education forum with tutorials and classes on a variety of subject matters. Students could learn the basics and then connect with their penpal from China via Skype. This internet tool can allow for a video conference so that the Chinese students can teach the classroom new words and help the students in the US classroom practice whatever they learned. Such a collaboration project can be temporary or even go on for the entire school year.

Overall, I think this would be a vauble project to implement in the classroom. Not only would it teach a second language to the students, but it would also increase exposure to another culture, to the internet, and to various internet tools that students may not have explored before.

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