Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reasons Why to Love Being a Teacher!

While adding new blogs to my Bloglines account, I decided to read over the blog "So You Want to Teach?" As I scanned through this blog, I came upon a past blog entry that piqued my interest. It was entitled "50 Reasons to Love Your Job as a Teacher." This was a wonderful entry as it can be read by both the new teacher and the experienced teacher and provide inspiration.

Below are some of the reasons that I liked the most:

  • The ability to help children achieve their best
  • The thrill of a good and well thought out lesson is incomparable
  • I enjoy all of the funny stories that my job provides, my job is never ever boring
  • I get to work with books, which I love
  • I honestly and truly believe that teaching is what I was born to do; maybe God really does plan our lives and if we follow that plan we will be very happy with our lives
  • I get to explore stories and try new ideas and encourage others to do the same
  • I love sharing the excitement of a good book — when I introduce it and start talking about it with excitement, the students can’t wait for me to start reading; when it’s time to stop reading and begin our next lesson, they beg me to read “just a little more”
  • Watching the students grow year after year

Touching the lives of others is so rewarding, and teaching does just that!!

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