Thursday, April 15, 2010

Videos in the Classroom

Incorporating technology into the classroom is important, and using videos is one easy way that educators can do this. Through viewing various video sites such as You Tube, Teacher Tube, and Videojug, educators can select videos that they can learn from themselves and also find videos that they can present to their students.

While looking online at video sites, I came across science experiements on Videojug. One such science experiement was "How to Suck an Egg into a Bottle." This had a video that demonstrated the science experiement as well as written directions that outlined the materials needed and the steps to follow to implement this experiement effectively. Such an experiement could be performed in the elementary or special education classroom. If I were to use this video, I would show it to students and then have them perform the experiement themselves using the steps in the directions. There are also many other experiements listed, and these videos could be shown as well followed by the teacher having the students perform the experiement by themselves. The great thing is that most of the science experiements on Videojug are accompanied with directions, so a teacher can easily have students perform this experiement in the classroom!

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